Dean Guanlao. 21. Socal. Cypress College. DISNEYLAND


Dreams. Goal.

Its crazy to think that just a few years ago I was planning my first event which was my friend’s debut (18th Birthday). Never did I think I would be so passionate about planning events…especially weddings. It’s going to continue to be a busy year for me. Being a full time student, working at a resort, planning 2 weddings, a wedding shower, a meet and greet with clients and my team, executing a wedding next week, and trying to build my company is sometimes tiring. But all worth it. No doubt about it.

I have a lot of expectations in the next year; a lot of hopes. But all I can do to get it is to stay focused and not lose sight of what I want to achieve. It’ll be so nice to travel one day around to different parts of the world executing weddings, and birthdays, and other events. 

The best feeling in the world is creating an event that is memorable and one that creates smiles on peoples faces. 

If you need an event planner, whether its for a simple birthday party, corporate meeting, debut, quinces, sweet sixteen, weddings, or whatever it might be, hire me! lol Just message me and we’ll work something out. :)

It might sound crazy and funny, but I do want my event company to be like Martha Stewarts. LOL Without the part of going to jail. haha